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The Mercenary Edit

Dinuir stands as somewhat of an odd entity within the lightsaber community. He actual date of birth is unknown but most theorize that it occurred sometime around 70 BBY. He was born into slavery and learned at a young age the brutality of the world. At only four years of age his mother died and his owner decided to cut his losses and sold the boy to a slave ring that pitted slaves against eachother in mortal combat. At age 5 his first fight occurred with a larger boy. after being dealt a serious and near fatal beating he sprung up from the ground and latched his teeth to the boys throat, refusing to let go. From there he devolved into a bloodthirsty and feral animal. He spent years in captivity constantly being pitted against larger slaves. By age ten he was being groomed as a champion and was soon to be moved up to adult opponents. However, this would never come to pass. Sometime in the boys tenth year Jaster Mereel, The reigning Mand'alor of the time, who was leading a strike team to bust up the slave ring. As Jaster and his men washed over the compound they came across dinuir in a cage. the boy lashed out at any who dared approach. Jaster came forward and offered food which the boy greedily ate after being on near starvation rations for so long. Jaster continued to sit quietly and feed the boy until he was able to coax him out of the cage. With that Dinuir had been adopted by the leader of the true mandalorians.

For the next eight years Dinuir received hands on training from Jaster in the art of war and battlefield tactics. he learned to use firearms and eventually earned his own set of mandalorian armor. He was placed into command of his own platoon and put on the front lines of the Mandalorian Civil conflict that had erupted. Just a few years in he found himself pinned down by deathwatch when out of nowhere he noticed the deathwatch soldiers begin dematerializing. He along with the only remaining member of his platoon, a girl he had become close friends with during training, fled. They were still caught by the invisible force and sucked into what they would soon realize was a thoughtbomb. the designer of which, would soon become a part of dinuir for the rest of his life.

The Alchemist Edit

Even less is known of the sith alchemist who arranged the thought bomb that created Dinuir. He was an scholar and student of the art of sith alchemy. A prodigy of science, and the sith arts. After discovering texts left behind by darth Bane the man who had fired the thought bomb that had reduced the sith to two, he designed a new thought bomb. it was smaller but he believed it more controllable and less prone to backfiring. he offered to the deathwatch to fire it on a battlefield full of true mandalorians.

At the moment of firing he felt it all going wrong. the blast sucked in the 12 dark side acolytes he had found to help perform the ritual. It also sucked in the small group of jedi who had heard of the plans and been sent to stop it. nearly three-hundred mandalorians were caught in the blast. However, this was not to be the end of their story.

Reconstitution Edit

Perhaps because the formula and execution had changed or perhaps because the force is so unpredictable the thoughtbomb didn't become a dark stationary sphere. Instead, the force gave it life and form. All of the people were still trapped inside but the bomb had consciousness and could allow them to take control. the bomb wandered for years slowly learning of the world, both from its own experiences and from the memories it now shared with all the rest of those trapped within.

After five or so years the bomb selected two entities form within who it would elevate to its level and give bodily control to. it chose the Mercenary, and the Alchemist. They would be given control as the smartest and strongest within the host body.

Recent Activity Edit

The new entity began calling itself Dinuir Kyr'am, "Giver of death" in Mando'a, and began making a name for itself. The alchemist took the lead and began making his way about the galaxy fighting a number of fighters. However, two of these fighters would be more important than the others. The first would be a jedi named mitharu. The two would pitch an intense and lethal battle that would exhaust both combatants. However, at the end as Dinuir held his saber to Mitharu's neck they realized they were both after the same thing the allegiance of the other. they swore allegiance to each other and then declared war on the House G'kar.

The next fighter was Dinuir's attempt at retrieving the combatants of old. He discovered an ancient sith technique of time manipulation and went back to find the living force wound terminus. After a heated battle terminus fell, but nit before imbuing Dinuir with part of the wound in the force that existed within him. Dinuir almost instinctively knew how to use the wound to its utmost. He immediately tore a hole in the force and stepped through back to his time.

with teleportation now on his list of abilities Dinuir sought a man he had heard of through back alleys and less than savory characters. He teleported onto the ship of one Raziel, former host of the entity predator. A deal was struck and Dinuir found a team to help him in the upcoming conflict. However the conflict that he had wished to orchestrate became a giant pissing match among houses and Dinuir lost interest only returning for the fianle and only to be met with an petulant mercenary as an opponent. Dinuir allowed his capture and then walked away. Deeming it better to spend some of his prolonged life musing over what to do next.

Appearance Edit

Dinuir is of medium height and an athletic build. He is plain looking with hair that varies in length as well as a fluctuating style of facial hair depending on the day. He shows a propensity for floral patterns in his clothes and typically prefers to wear as little clothing as possible. He has no distinguishing marks except for a tattoo on the left side of his chest which is made of the chemical symbol for iron.

Gear Edit

Lightasber-Dinuir has used a plethora of lightsabers from a puprle bladed saber to a standard sith red. each had different hilt design and he seems to currently wield dual shoto blades in white.

Blaster- Though dinuir has never been seen with a blaster since he reformed a large number of his personalities are mandalorian soldiers who were all trained in the use of blasters.

Armor- dinuir prefers very light armor when fighting. Opting not to go for the full armor used by other mandalorians as he feels that it restricts him in combat and slows him down.

Transportation- Dinuir is a galactic level teleporter and has no need for most forms of transportation

Powers and Abilities Edit

Strength- Dinuir is exceptionally strong being in amazing shape from constant training. he has shown the ability to lift grown men off the ground using a staff strike as well as an adept level of grappling against larger opponents. when angry he has shown the ability to dig large furrows out of the ground using just his fists.

Speed-Dinuir is quicker than most but lacks any impressive agility feats.

Endurance-Dinuir has shown a high level of pain resistance as well as the ability to continue moving even when at the point of physical exhaustion. He has also shown the ability to ignore small wounds.

Fighting Skill- Dinuir is a trained fighter and excels at grappling. He has limited saber training but is capable of hanging with most people at the knight level.

Healing factor- Dinuir has reverse engineered orbalisk venom to act as a natural healing agent. he managed to splice the DNA sequence for it into his own so that his body naturally produces it. He has shown the ability to shrug off many serious blows including full saber impalement of one of his lungs.

Teleportation-after receiving a force tear from Terminus Dinuir is capable of seeing the Force as another dimension to be moved through. He can create portals, that lead anywhere that he can accurately locate. because of this he keeps a star chart on hand at all times and has perfectly developed a near galactic level of force location so that he can simply hone in on people as beacons.

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